Needs of Modular kitchens

Modular kitchens are an integral part of interior budget allocation for most new home buyers in India. Every Modular Design finally Compromised with a budget. When homeowners are finally walk into showrooms then only deciding that things they come with serious budget constraints. After visiting the showroom and understanding the every possibility available today in terms of functionality & kitchen appliances – at the design stage, the home owners tend to want it all.

Once a decision has been taken to get a Modular Kitchen, the following aspects have to be prioritised;






Quality of base cabinets


Counter Top

Lighting etc

If the homeowner should specify the order of priority, then it will be easier to conceptualize the initial design with the least lead time. Once the designer has a clear understanding of your requirement, they will be able to get a design within 1-2 days.

With high end kitchen design software, we can create unique and very sophisticated kitchen designs. Any ideas are translated to a design which will suit the home maker’s taste; the key being availability of a reasonable budget for the same. If there is a heavy constraint on budget (less than Rs. 2,00,000), then it would be better to engage a carpenter for the same  purpose– keeping in mind that there would be a trade off in terms of his design exposure, final finishes, quality of actual material used etc.